School of Cosmology


Dear friends and benefactors,

We never thought that one day we would have to add a page like this to our websites. Our small TBG Commission team has been serving Father and Christ Michael since 2015. All of our work to date has been funded by our own personal endowments and that has always been sufficient.

But the future promises to be a greater financial challenge for our team, because at the request of the Universal Father and Machiventa Melchizedek, we are setting up a World Library of Wisdom which we call GLoW (Global Library of Wisdom).

To carry out this current mission, we must plan in the short term the rental of a dedicated server to install GLoW in addition to having to incur new additional costs over the months and years to come to carry out the Missions entrusted to us . Our small team has little income and it will be difficult for us to face the challenges ahead of us without your support.

It is with humility that we ask for your help in order to guarantee the continuity of our sacred mission. Your contribution, no matter how small, will play a vital role in spreading truth, beauty and goodness throughout the world.

How can you help:
Make a donation: Every contribution, no matter how small, helps spread the light of truth. Make a secure online donation.

Share our mission: Tell your loved ones about the TBG Commission, share our publications on social networks and help us reach a wider audience.

We firmly believe that every generous soul who joins us becomes a partner in this noble quest for Truth, Beauty and Goodness. Together, we can make great strides in this world that really needs it.

Thank you wholeheartedly for your consideration and support. May divine light guide each of your steps.

With gratitude, blessing, and all our Love.

Michel for The TBG Team