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Welcome to the Master Universe collection of educational animations. This collection of artwork is offered freely to everyone without cost or copyright restrictions worldwide. You are free to use them any way you wish for educational purposes.

The goal of these animations is to stimulate the mind by revealing certain aspects of the infinite cosmos that is not easily discerned through the use of static diagrams. There are certain universe dynamics at play that involve motion, direction, and varying intensities of influence. Adding elements of time lapse, motion, and direction to animate certain elements of the Master Universe Diagrams helps to reveal otherwise inexplicit and indistinguishable facets of the Master Universe Creation.



This animation shows the movement and direction of travel of the various space levels. The speeds of these orbits relative to each other are unknown, but it is understood that as the space zones get bigger as you move outward from Paradise that the time required for making a full revolution around Paradise increases.

SUZ = Superuniverse Zone
OSZ = Outer Space Zone

Master Universe - Space Respiration - switching during expansion phase

This animation shows the same movement and direction of travel of the various space levels with an added semi-transparent layer showing the spiritual and mindal influence of the seven Master Spirits. Each is identified by name and superuniverse number.

UB 16:0.12. Each Master Spirit maintains an enormous force-focal headquarters, which slowly circulates around the periphery of Paradise, always maintaining a position opposite the superuniverse of immediate supervision and at the Paradise focal point of its specialized power control and segmental energy distribution. The radial boundary lines of any one of the superuniverses do actually converge at the Paradise headquarters of the supervising Master Spirit.

SUZ = Superuniverse Zone
OSZ = Outer Space Zone



The 7 Sacred Spheres of the Father each act as a master switch that controls several aspects of the evolving Master Universe. As these 7 Sacred Spheres revolve around Paradise they activate the energy circuits in sequence as they pass in front of them. During space respiration expansion the energy flows outward from Paradise, through the Sacred Spheres, and into the Rods of Absolutum. This animation shows the details of a Peripheral Paradise energy circuit being activated as one of the 7 Sacred Father Spheres temporarily swings into position to complete the circuit (green).

Master Universe - Space Respiration - switching during contraction phase

During space respiration contraction the energy in the Rods of Absolutum flows back through the Sacred Spheres and returns to Paradise.

Now that we've seen how the individual Sacred Spheres of the Father work as on/off switches for the Rods of Absolutum let's view all 7 and see how they work together as a system.