Jesus - I speak to you again

Jesus / Joshua Ben Joseph

Jesus was born Aug. 21, 7 B.C. the first-born of 9 children. He was an exceptional child, very intelligent, well behaved, and was well liked by his peers and elders. He learned the carpentry trade from his father and became very skillful. Jesus was 14 when his father died, which forced him to assume the role of head of his household as the eldest, to become the sole supporter of his mother and 8 siblings.

He took care of his family, seeing to the education of his brothers and sisters, and did not leave home to begin his ministry until he had trained his oldest brother, James, to assume the duties he had been carrying as head of the household. Jesus continued to earn and send money to his family, and with the marriage of James, Jesus returned home to train the next brother, Joseph, to head the household. Jesus was 24 before he was relatively free from his responsibilities to his family and could be away from home for longer periods of time, returning periodically to continue the training of his younger siblings.

At 27 years of age, Jesus was able to begin his intense preparation for his ministry, as he traveled and taught in Rome, Crete, Alexandria, Corinth, Athens, Antioch, the Caspian, and back to Jerusalem. Jesus was 31 when he ended the Lucifer Rebellion on Mt. Hermon, and later that year he presented himself to his cousin John for Baptism. Next came the choosing and training of his Apostles, and teaching as they traveled through Samaria, the Decapolis, Galilee, and Phoenicia, periodically going back to Jerusalem before the start of another tour. For five years they preached to the multitudes, leading up to the crucifixion on April 7, AD 30, at 36 years of age. Following his resurrection, Jesus made many appearances in his morontial form before bestowing his Spirit of Truth to all of humanity, as he had promised. His seventh and last bestowal finished, he was proclaimed Planetary Prince of Urantia, and Master Son and Sovereign of his local universe of Nebadon, by the Ancients of Days and by the Eternal Father and the Eternal Son.